Welcome to the YouTube Model Builders BIG Build Contest hosted by Eric Hall from IMRROcom. The YouTube Model Builders Big Build Contest is a YouTube Based Model Railroad structure build contest that will be judged through YouTube Videos by a panel of judges from the YouTube Model Railroad Community.

YouTube Model Builders is dedicated to inspiring individuals to create model railroad related videos to put on YouTube for all model railroading enthusiasts to enjoy. Entering this contest, if you have never done a YouTube video before, will give you some idea of this process and get you started with your very own model railroading YouTube channel.

If you need any assistance in creating a YouTube channel or with putting together your videos, you can always find assistance in the YouTube Model Builders Hangouts or get help at our Google+ YouTube Model Railroaders page listed on Google+ YouTube Model Railroaders. Also, see below for a listing of links to Video Hangouts discussing different methods of video creation.

Your YouTube channel will be listed right here along with many others. So share your YouTube Model Builders BIG Build Contest videos for everyone to see! In addition, We will also ask people to subscribe to your channel.

To enter is easy! Just click the Entry Form and sign up! You must have a YouTube Channel to place your build videos on to be judged!

Your build must be completed by September 30th. Any and all related videos of your build must be uploaded for judging by September 30th. A panel of Judges will then review the YouTube Model Builders BIG Build Contest videos and select the winners based on set criteria.


Our placed winners will receive a cash prize, winners may choose to have this delivered in an Amazon Gift Certificate if they so choose.

Prizes are collected during the YouTube Model Builders BIG Build Contest. During this contest, donations are pooled and by the end of the contest, you will see a wide range of prizes! Check back often to see updates! If you would like to donate to the Prize fund, please contact Bill Graham.

1st Place Prize $250.00 Cash Prize.
2nd Place Prize $150.00 Cash Prize.
3rd Place Prize $100.00 Cash Prize.

For all remaining entries, we will be holding a raffle with many other prizes!
- $25.00 Gift Certificate from AK Russian DCCTRAINs TV


- Website registration: Fill out the entry form by clicking here Entry Form.
- The structure must be a model railroad structure kit or scratch built.
- You must produce a minimum of 3 YouTube Build Videos (See "Video Format" below).
- The build must be completed by, and all of the related videos must be uploaded to your YouTube channel by September 30, 2015.
- Only one entry per household or participant.
- YouTube Model Builders team members, judges, and any persons associated with this contest are not eligible to participate in this contest.

Video Format

All videos must be titled "YTMB BIG Build Contest #", (replace # with the number of the video) the videos must include the contest splash page at video opening. Using this naming convention allows judges and Model Railroad enthusiasts to search out the Video Entries.

Right click to download

  Video 1: 5-10 Minutes Max
Content: Unboxing and explanation of contents and/or explanation of materials used (for scratch builds).

Right click to download

  Video 2: 5-10 Minutes Max
Content: Construction, Painting, Weathering and detailing. Let us see you build the model.

Right click to download

  Video 3: 5 Minutes Max
Content: Complete overview of the completed model from all angles for judging. This video must exist to judge!

Winners Announcement

All winners will be announced during the YouTube Model Builders LIVE! show that will air on October 17th 2015. A complete review of all winning entries will be shown on YouTube Model Builders Presentations. Winning entries will also be showcased in the following YouTube Model Builders eMag.

4 Points of Judging

All entries will be judged on the following 4 points.
1. Assembly 30%
2. Painting and Weathering 30%
3. Detailing 30%
4. Video Presentation. 10%


   Eric Hall from IMRROcom
   Geno Sharp from gnosmodeltrains
   Ron Pare
   Barry Rosier

Need Assistance or Help with Your Video?

     Google+ YouTube Model Builders.
To find discussion directly related to the YouTube Model Builders BIG Build Contest, PLEASE visit our Google+ YouTube Model Railroaders. Google+ YouTube Model Railroaders is a community of YouTube model railroad enthusiasts all sharing in model railroading and YouTube Model Builders events. Check out this great fun place for model railroading. Ask questions and help others get into YouTube model building!

     How to create a YouTube channel.
If you need assistance in setting up a YouTube channel or would like to gain an understanding of how to create YouTube videos, check out some of the presentations on our YouTube channel.
(Click here to see this video on YouTube)

     Using Windows Movie Maker and iMovie.
If you would like to see some basic free video editing software examples, check out this great presentation on how to use iMovie and Windows Movie Maker.
(Click here to see this video on YouTube)

     How to use more advanced Pinnacle Studio Ultimate for the PC.
For more advanced users, you might enjoy a review and an example video creation using Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.
(Click here to see this video on YouTube)

Help Promote the Contest!

     Upload the YouTube Model Builders BIG Build Contest Promo Video1 to your YouTube channel! This will help promote and increase awareness of the contest!

YouTube Model Builders would greatly appreciate your participation in promoting community activities like this.

This zip file contains both the YouTube Model Builders Promo video and a custom thumbnail for your YouTube Channel.

Donations for Prizes

To donate prizes for this contest. We are looking to provide cash prizes; however, you are welcome to discuss additional ideas for prizes to donate by contacting William Graham.