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Live Show Recording and Broadcast

YouTube Model Builders LIVE is shown to the public during its recording live, it appears much like a YouTube video. Once the show is recorded, it will be found on the YouTube Model Builders YouTube channel. Watching the show live is exciting and using the built in Questions and Answers features of the show broadcast viewers can ask questions LIVE during the show recording!

Live Show release

If you miss the LIVE show, You can find the recorded version of the show on the YouTube Model Builders YouTube Channel.

During the LIVE Broadcast of YouTube Model Builders LIVE, coming in late or skipping through the video is done by using the video scene slider. It is important to insure that your slider is all the way to the right where it says view show live! This works much like TiVo or something in that you can review previously recorded show information but to make sure you are viewing the most recent events, move this slider all the way to the right!

Question and Answer Google+ System

During the LIVE broadcast, to enter questions for the Panel, you simply need to use the Q&A System provided by google+ Live. This Question and Answer system can be activated by clicking the "Be Part of the Conversation by clicking" link found directly on the video. If you dont want to participate in the live recording of the show with questions, you can simply just watch the video and hear the questions as they come into the show.

Once you have clicked the "Be Part of the Conversation", your browser should open a new browser window that includes a question input box and a view of the current question the Panel Members and Panel Guests are currently following. This interaction screen looks something like this. Once in the Q&A screen, you will have an input box to enter your questions for the Panel. Be sure to +1 any questions entered by others that you feel should be asked! This sets the importance of the question and the more +1's a question has, the higher in the q it becomes. All questions at the top of the q get answered.

If you would like to direct a question specifically for a panel member just mention something like "this question is directed to" and the modeler you would like to have answer your question.

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This feature works very well with the most recent browsers. Of course, the best choice for this being a Google product, is to use Google Chrome. But it is my understanding this works with many of the most popular web browers.