YouTube Model Builders Team

Team LeadModelerManMike
Secretary Open
Technical/IT Barry Rosier
Technical/ITDavid Cobb
Outside Business
Giveaways Coordinator
William "Big Bill" Graham
Promotion and Distribution ModelerManMike(acting)
Graphic ArtistSven Frank
Graphic ArtistRandy Ford
Graphic ArtistOpen

YouTube Model Builders LIVE!
Production Manager William "Big Bill" Graham
DirectorBarry Rosier

YouTube Model Builders eMag
Editor in Chief Loggin' Locos
Assistant Editor Open
Assistant Editor Open
Pictures/Articles Open

YouTube Model Builders Hangouts
Hangout LeadDude Lindler
Hangout CoordinatorJohnny "Southeast Rails"
Hangout CoordinatorTroy "PacificNorth Central"


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